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I am Michal (MamaDJ) Gefen, a DJ since 1999.

Music is the strongest and fastest tool I know for connecting people - with others and with themselves. Music can be happy and sad, frantic and relaxing, intimate and tribal, ancient and futuristic, infantile and wise, intricate and simple, closely familiar and strangely enchanting; it can express protests and whisper prayers, smile and weep.

Music heals. Reaching our body, gut, and soul, music makes us feel that we are not alone in this world. It can be our secret support group for anything we feel.


When I play my music, I bring together different worlds, people, sounds, and musical scales from all over the globe, of all times, for all ages.

My track record includes dozens of music festivals (the Tel Aviv Love Parade, Shantipi, Boombamela, SunBeat, GroovStock, and more); and party series I've created with friends (Jinga, Matate, FreeDance weekends in the desert, and parents & children block & garden parties).

I have two weekly radio shows - Tiyul Shabat - on the Essence of Life (EOL) Radio (of the Arison Group, at; and Shabat Shev - on the Voice of Campus Radio (106FM in Israel at

I am a music consultant for various workshops, dance groups, TV shows, food establishments, and more.

I create custom-made mixtapes for births, funerals, psychotherapy, alternative healing, and for every mood.

I give lectures on The Connecting Power of Music (that climax with a dance party).

I produce and host the Apartment #7 intimate musical salons in my house; and serve as board member with HeartBeat, a musical organization that connects Israeli and Arab youths.


You can find me wherever music builds bridges and connects human hearts.

I'd love to be part of your hearts' soundtrack.

Find me at - phone:  972- 52-3940595



you can hear me :מיכל-גפן

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